DECEMBER 10, 2020
10:00 am - 5:00 pm CST

Online Virtual Event
XR Virtual Symposium 2020

About Virtual Event

The XR Virtual Symposium 2020 is an event (December 10th) that envelops the exciting and ever-changing world of Immersive Technology. Many of the topics cover innovative approaches to AR/VR/MR (XR) simulations applications building and business. The research behind XR (Cross-Reality) in all its dynamic display, provides a glance into the training aspect for enterprise, and as well, gives way for virtual hands-on demonstrations. Coastal Alabama CC AAS-Dynamic Reality Tech Program, through sessions and workshops, will illustrate the core competencies for the XR-based training simulations, findings on the state of the industry, tools and methodology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Virtual Career Fair?

Virtual Career Fair is the leading online recruitment exhibition. Its designed to bring employers and job seekers together to exchange valuable information for recruitment purposes and to explore potential fits.

What can I do in the Virtual Career Fair?

  • Get information about company's’ culture , objectives and values.
  • Interact with employers / recruiters and get interviewed through chat and video conference.
  • View fresh and exciting jobs from top employers
  • Apply directly to available jobs

Do I need to register as a candidate to attend the Virtual Career Fair?

Yes, you will need to enter your name and email address to enjoy all Virtual Career Fair features.

Do I need to download or install any software to be able to attend this event?

NO. You do not need to download or install any software to participate in our conference. You only need to have access to the Internet.